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Visit the Groveton Boundary Page for Map and original boundary designations :  Groveton Boundary.
Groveton is one of the 6 Community Business Centers (CBC) along Richmond Highway. Southeast Fairfax Development Corporation's (SFDC) vision is for each CBC to serve as a destination center for Richmond Highway, with bike trails, sidewalks, walkways, and mass transit linking all the CBC communities together. Click here for the MAP
Groveton supports the protection of our local watersheds, Chesapeake Bay, Potomac River and the Atlantic Ocean.  Find out what you can do you help protect our watersheds by visiting the website.  Interested?  Contact your civic association.  For the Groveton Civic Association, the email address is  and visit the Storm Drains webpage > Storm Drains.  Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District Program presentation to theGCA on April 4, 2011 regarding Rail Barrels - select pdf version
Groveton supports the Fairfax County Litter Control Program and the “Adopt a Spot” Program.  Trash in front of your house degrades the appearance of your home and presents the community in a negative manner.  The trash gets washed into the drainage system and eventually into the streams.  This impacts the Chesapeake Watershed and the environment.  Trash attracts mice, rats, and other vermin to your home, which can create an infestation.

Groveton supports the “Adopt a Street” Program.  The approach allows the residents to be responsible for their street and to pick up trash and debris in the curbs and sidewalks on their street.  This workload sharing takes minimal effort on the part of the resident yet it ensures a clean and respectable community, Fairfax County provides the supplies. Interested?  Contact your civic association.  For the Groveton Civic Association, the email address is

REMINDER of PARKING RESTRICTIONS in Fairfax County - Code 82-5-1 Parking Prohibited in Specified Places

Website URL for Parking Restrictions

a) No person shall park a vehicle, except when necessary to avoid a conflict with other traffic or in compliance with the directions of a police officer or traffic-control device, in any of the following places:
(1) On a sidewalk;
(2) In front of, or within ten feet to either side of, a public or private driveway;
(3) In or within 20 feet of an intersection;
(4) Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant located on private or public property or within a fire lane as defined in chapter 62 (Fire Protection), of the Code of the County of Fairfax;
(5) In or within 20 feet of a crosswalk;
(6) Repealed;
(7) Within 30 feet upon the approach of any flashing beacon, stop sign or traffic-control signal located at the side of a roadway;
(8) Between a safety zone and the adjacent curb or within 30 feet of points on the curb immediately opposite the ends of a safety zone, unless a different length is indicated by official signs or markings;
(9) Within 50 feet of the nearest rail of a railroad grade crossing;
(10) Within 20 feet of the driveway entrance to any fire station and on the street opposite the entrance to any fire station within 75 feet of the entrance when properly signposted;
(11) Alongside or opposite any street excavation or obstruction when such parking would obstruct traffic;
(12) On the roadway side of any vehicle parked at the edge or curb of the street;
(13) Upon any bridge or other elevated structure upon a street or highway or within a tunnel;
(14) At any place where official signs prohibit parking;
(15) Repealed; or
(16) So as to prevent the use of curb ramps located on public property or on privately owned property open to the public.
(b) No person other than a police officer shall move a vehicle into any such prohibited area or away from a curb such distance as is unlawful, or start or cause to be started the motor of any motor vehicle or shift, change or move the levers, brake, starting device, gears, or other mechanism of a parked motor vehicle to a position other than that in which it was left by the owner or driver thereof, or attempt to do so. (3-13-63; Code, § 16-121; 14-74-16; 37-76-82; 38-76-82; 28-80-82; 17-83-82; 34-84-82; 31-91-82; 49-93-82; 18-97-82; 48-09-82.)
For information about the services and support in Fairfax County, visit the Fairfax County Home Page.

Notice any lost shopping carts?  CLICK HERE for the Contact Information.

Beacon of Groveton Apartment and Mixed-Use Complex -

Need a Realtor?  Visit the COMMUNITY BUSINESS PAGE

Churches nearby:

St. Louis Catholic Church -

St. Mark's Episcopal Church -

Groveton Baptist Church -

Faith United Methodist Church - Faith United Methodist Church

Non-Emergency and Animal Control - call 703-691-2131

If you would like to report a pothole to VDOT, contact customer service center at 1-800-FOR-ROAD (800-367-7623) or online   If you hit a pothold and your vehicle is damaged, you can sumit a damagae claim to VDOT.  Calimss are investigated on a case-by-case basis.
Additionally, you can call Lee District at 703-971-6262.

Notice a loose cable, low-hanging cable, cable box too low or other cable related issues?
Contact 703-324-5902, TTY711 or send email and report the problem with location of the issue and your contact information.
Report your street's traffic issues, problems, etc. to the Fairfax County traffic enforcement officers.  Email your concerns to:
Fairfax County Public Works and Utilities page contains detailed information, and the following utility phone numbers and websites are provided for quick reference:
Electric                     website:  Dominion Virginia Power     1-888-667-3000

Gas                              website:  Washington Gas             703-750-1000  Emergency: 703-750-1400 or 1-800-752-7520

Fairfax County Water and Sewer services           703-698-5800
Fairfax County Trash Pickup                                 703-802-3322 or
visit the Fairfax County Trash Collection and Recyclables page.

Voting Information: (Fairfax County Voting and Citizenship website)

Registration Office:
Office of Elections at 12000 Government Center Parkway, Suite 323, Fairfax, Va. 22035-0081 
or CALL 703-222-0776.

The western portion of Groveton is located in Lee District under the Groveton Precinct 405, Congressional District 08, Senate 030, and House of Representatives 044.  For voting precinct, maps and directions, go to the Fairfax County Lee District website:

The eastern portion of Groveton is located in Mount Vernon District under the Bucknell Precinct 604, Congressional District 08, Senate 036, and House of Representatives 044.  For voting precinct, maps and directions, go to the Fairfax County Mount Vernon website:


Verizon: or call 1-877-390-2543
Cox Communications or call 1-800-234-3993
Direct TV or call 1-800-490-4388

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