GCA Block Captains

WHO and WHAT is a BLOCK CAPTAIN? One of the roles of a Member-At-Large is the "Block Captain” for the assigned street.  The role of a block captain assists the GCA by delivering newsletters or flyers to neighbors on your street (only as needed) and a yearly membership drive (generally in August). If there are problems or concerns noticed in the neighborhood, the Member-At-Large (aka "Block Captain") will bring it to the attention of the GCA.  If a neighbor moves into the area or moves from the area, the GCA should be informed of the change.  There are Welcome to the Neighborhood Packets that can be given to new neighbors.  PLEASE contact the below resident to volunteer to support your street or send email to: GCA-Block Captains.
Amlong Place and Avenue (27 houses) - Rick Kotteman
Arundel Avenue (23 houses) -  Charlotte Brown and Lisa Herbert
Clayborne Avenue (60 houses) – Valentina Lukin and Kimberly Bonzelaar
Collard Street (52 houses) - Charlotte Brown
Donora Drive (4 houses) - Christopher DeSimone
Grove Road (19 houses) – Carla Crandall and GCA Bd of Directors
Groveton Street (69 houses) - Christopher DeSimone
Harrison Lane (25 houses between S. Kings and Polins) - 
GCA Bd of Directors
Harrison Lane (6 houses south of Polins) - 
GCA Bd of Directors
Lenclair Alley (south of Groveton Street - 3 houses) - Christopher DeSimone
Lenclair Street (north of Memorial Street - 18 houses) – Lori Cruz
Memorial Street (58 houses) – Lori Cruz
Polins Court (25 houses) - Mattie Jenkins
Queens Road (29 houses) - Pat Walker
Richmond Highway (west side) between Clayborne and Holly Hill (5 houses) - GCA Bd of Directors
Ridge Drive (12 houses) - Charlotte Brown
South Benson Drive (11 houses) - Rick Kotteman
South Kings Hwy (west side between Tahalla Drive and Lenclair Street - 10 houses) - Rick Kotteman
Spring Drive (west of Ridge Drive) (11 houses) - Carla Crandall
Spring Drive (east of Ridge Drive) (21 houses) - Gwen Jennier
Swain Drive (10 houses) - Gwen Jennier 
Tahalla Drive (11 houses) - Rick Kotteman

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