About the Groveton Civic Association (GCA)

Groveton Civic Association (GCA) is the oldest active civic association in Fairfax County (1926).


The Groveton Civic Association's mission is to help improve neighborhood communications, educate the Groveton community on its rich heritage and connect with neighboring civic associations for the betterment and safety of the community. The Virginia State Corporation Commission recognized Groveton Virginia Civic Association as a Non-Stock Corporation Nov 3, 1993.


Membership in the Groveton Civic Association is open to individual households within the GCA boundary.  The annual membership dues are $10.00 per household.  Please send check along with name, address, preferred phone number and preferred email address:

Groveton Civic Association
P.O. Box 6401
Alexandria, VA 22306

With your membership, concerns from dues paying households can be raised "as one" to the Lee District, Mount Vernon District and Fairfax County Boards.  The more members that join the GCA, the stronger the "voice" of the GCA.  Only dues paying members have an important voting voice for local projects such as the Beacon at Groveton development project.  Together we can make a difference in the community.

The GCA would benefit from your active participation such as attending monthly meetings; participating in the Lee District Walking Town Meeting; and being a block captain, member-at-large, GCA representative or on the GCA board.  Your membership sends a message that you support the work of the civic association and helps active members be more effective. But, if you can't be active, your membership supports those who are.

The GCA supports local charities in the community, community events for the neighborhood, distributing newsletters and electronic news, the Groveton website, memberships in the Lee District Association of Civic Organizations (LDACO), and the Fairfax County Federation of Civic Assocations (FCFCA).

In the past, the GCA has supported the Storm Drain Initiative.  Volunteers of the GCA walked the community and labeled the storm drains and distributed educational flyers to all of the households in the GCA boundary.  The storm drains flow into our water ways and we need to keep them clear and open and non-toxic.  For more information about the storm drains, hyperlink to:  Storm Drain Initiative by GCA Volunteers.

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