About the Groveton Civic Association (GCA)

Groveton Civic Association (GCA) is the oldest active civic association in Fairfax County (1926).


The Groveton Civic Association's mission is to improve and educate the Groveton community on its rich heritage and connect the neighboring Groveton civic associations together for the betterment of the community.  The Virginia State Corporation Commission recognized Groveton Virginia Civic Association as a Non-Stock Corporation Nov 3, 1993.


Annual membership dues ($10.00 per household) are used to support charities in the community, community events for the neighborhood, mailing newsletters, memberships in the
Lee District Association of Civic Organizations (LDACO), and the Fairfax County Federation of Civic Assocations (FCFCA).  Membership entitles each household's concerns to be raised to the Lee District, Mount Vernon District and Fairfax County Boards.  The more members that join GCA, the stronger the GCA voice can be.  Together we can make a difference in the community.

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