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St. Mark's Episcopal Church Historical Marker Dedication Program and Pictures - April 10, 2011 Historical Snippets


The Collard family lived in a framed house situated approximately where the the existing farm house currently stands at 3212 Arundel Ave.  John Ricketts and Stacia (Millan) Collard acquired the property on what is now known as Popkins Lane and raised their family.

Tombstones of Darrell-Collard family cemetery at 3212 Arundel Ave. (take the 1st left on Collard St.), Alexandria, Va.   The cemetery will be on your right.


The Collard siblings grew up on what is now known as Popkins Lane and moved to another property known as "Stoney Brook House"  when the sold that property. Tombstones of Collard siblings at the Ivy Hill Cemetery on King's Street, Alexandria, Va.


James Owen and Rachel (Collard) Kerby lived in the frame house now known as 3212 Arundel Ave.  Tombstones of James Owen and Rachel (Collard) Kerby at the Woodlawn Baptist Church Cemetery on 9001 Richmond Highway, Fort Belvoir, Va.

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