Streets of Groveton

West of Route 1 (boundary of Groveton Civic Association):

Amlong Drive - named after Colonel Ransom G. Amlong, owner of Huntley House in 1949.
Arundel Avenue - (previously named Hillcrest Drive).
Benson Drive
Clayborne Avenue - (once named West Lee Street named for the Lee family).
Collard Street - named after the Collard family who owned the property in the Valley View subdivision and across to the east side of Route 1.
Donora Drive - once named 2nd Street
Grove Road - one theory is that the street was named after Groveton (aka "Grove Town") due to the grove of orchard trees in the area.
Groveton - named after the Groveton unincorporated community.
Harrison Lane - named after Albert Harrison who lived at and inherited the Huntley House, farm and out buildings between 1880 - 1946.
Lenclair Drive - once named West Marshall Street
Memorial Street - once named West Oak Street
Polins Court
Queens Road
Ransom Place (see Amlong Drive).
Ridge Road 
Southgate Drive
Spring Drive - named after the springs which run into a branch of Little Hunting Creek and Huntley Meadows - called "Darrell Springs" late 1790s after Darrell family and then "Kerby Springs" late 1870s after the Kerby family.

East of Route 1 (boundary outside Groveton Civic Association):

Canterbury Lane
Coventry Road
Davis Street
East Lee Street
East Maple Street
East Side Drive
Groveton Street - once named Richmond Ave.
Ireland Street
Memorial Street - once named East Oak Street.
Memorial Heights Drive - connects Popkins Lane to East Side Drive.
Oberlin Drive
Popkins Lane - named after the Popkins family who owned and operated the dairy farm from 1880s - 1940s.
Preston Avenue - once connected to Route 1
Ross Street
Schooley Drive - once named East Marshall Street
Stone Hedge Drive
University Drive
Westhampton Drive

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