History of Groveton

Notice: Effective July 2022, Lee District was changed to Franconia District.
A book that addresses early years of Groveton is published by Arcadia Publishing entitled "Images of America: Groveton" .  It covers the history of the area from early property owners such as George Washington and George Mason, through its days as a farming and dairy community, to the development of homes, businesses and the air field, to its redevelopment today.
The book is available at www.amazon.com, Village Hardware, Hollin Hall Variety Store and Huntley Meadows Park Visitors Center.  If purchased at Huntley Meadows Park all proceeds go directly to Friends of Historic Huntley. All royalties from any purchase will go to Friends of Historic Huntley in support of Historic Huntley House located on Harrison Lane.
VISIT the FAIRFAX COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOL WEBSITE:  https://grovetones.fcps.edu/about/history

NOW AVAILABLE PDF files for the Popkins Lane Groveton High School

"Snake Hill to Spring Bank" Books:

Volume I Part 1 and Part 2

Volume II Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4

Volume III Part 1 and Part 2

Where did the name "Groveton" come from? In the Virginia Gazette dated September 14, 1859, the “Groveton Farm” was advertised by John Ricketts Collard.Why are the streets of Groveton named that?
Who were the landowners before the subdivisions of Valley View, Memorial Heights, Groveton Heights, and Bucknell Heights? 
Within Groveton is the summer home of Thomson Francis Mason called Huntley”.  Did the Mason family know the Darrell and Collard families?  How did the churches and neighbors of Groveton interact with the residents of Huntley?  Check out the Huntley residents.   
Based on the history gathered, the founding families of Groveton included Darrell, Collard, and Mason, among others.   The Darrell-Collard family cemetery is located on 3212 Arundel Avenue.   Please reference Fairfax County cemetery site.
 For a brief history of the Groveton airfields, check out Part 1 and Part 2.  For more information visit the Beacon Air Field and Hybla Valley Air Field website.
Learn about Groveton’s Elementary or Grade Schools - History and pictures of 1876 Groveton School (now St. Louis Chapel), 1925 Groveton School and 1933 Groveton Elementary SchoolOf course, the 1933 Groveton School as it was in 1957.
For a brief history of Groveton’s Catholic Church, check out history of the St. Louis Chapel and visit the St. Louis Catholic Church website. The Seminarians came to Groveton in 1880 and began the first Bible study church in Groveton - Learn about the history of St. Mark's Church .
Groveton has always been grateful for the dedicated service of the historic Fairfax County Fire and Rescue DepartmentPenn Daw Fire Department Station 11 is Groveton's Fire Dept.

Groveton’s neighbors

Spring Bank is northeast of Groveton and Gum Springs is southeast of Groveton with a rich heritage, as noted in the Gum Springs Historical Society, the Legacy of West Ford.
South of Gum Springs is Hybla Valley, Engleside and Woodlawn. South of Woodlawn is Fort Belvoir, which began as the home of William Fairfax as noted in the history of Fort Belvoir, Virginia.
West of Groveton is the home of Commodore Walter Brooke which was called “Retirement” and is now calledStone Mansionat Stoneybrooke.
Additional History Items: Fairfax Museum and Visitor Center - 10209 Main St. ● Fairfax, VA ● (703) 385 – 8414   Open Daily 9 am – 5 pm

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