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GCA April 4 Minutes added to the GCA Newsletters page.

May 15 in Olde Towne ALEXANDRIA!  FLYER!
The traditional Hawaiian voyaging canoe or "wa`a", Hokule`a, which is going around the world using only ancient traditional navigation, is coming to Alexandria!  You will be able to see her coming up the river from Piscataway Park from about 10am, passing under the Wilson Bridge around noon.  She should be docking around 12:30pm.  Our own Missy Scalph's halau (hula school) and one other school are honored to have been chosen to welcome her and her crew when they disembark around 1pm.
This will be traditional protocol in living action.  The area Native American leaders will also do protocol welcome and dance.

EMBARK Richmond Highway Community Meeting - Monday May 9 7:00 pm 
Walt Whitman Middle School (2500 Parkers Ln Alex 22306)
Meeting to address the general Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) information and existing conditions.

Traffic Calming Measure on Memorial Street.  Most Groveton residents are aware, when the Beacon at Groveton developers began their project several years ago, the project included several proffers for the community.  These proffers included Lenclair Dog Park, money for the Groveton Elementary School improvements and a traffic calming measure.  Based on a bill passed by the VA legislature, effective July 2016, proffers are now considered illegal by the State of VA and the districts can not request the developer to do anything for the improvement of the community or traffic.  Currently, the Groveton community has a traffic calming proffer left to be implemented from the Beacon at Groveton project.  
Several ideas have been discussed, reviewed and proposed.  Over the years, residents have recommended speed humps or tables on their streets and pedestrian crossing signs (unfortunately, these features have not helped calm traffic on the streets that already have them).  The GCA has had VDOT assess the requirements of several Groveton community streets and has determined the volume on the streets did not warrant the speed humps/tables.  The GCA has been working with Lee District and VDOT for a couple of years addressing ideas to institute the proffer for traffic calming.  Over the past year, GCA residents have recommended some type of crosswalk that would allow the community to become more pedestrian friendly, which would benefit all of the Groveton community.  All of the ideas and proposal must adhere to VDOT's standards and specifications which include the property of the residents within the community, the widths of the streets, amount of traffic, speed of traffic, maintenance, among other considerations.
A proposal was presented at our May meeting for Memorial Street at the intersection of Donora.   The current proposal will allow residents to cross from the south side of Memorial to the north side of Memorial on the sidewalk at the Beacon Center at the intersection of Donora and Memorial streets.  Memorial Street currently has speed bumps and a raised crosswalk from Lenclair Alley and the dog park (which is unfortunately at a hill which impairs visibility).  These measures have not slowed down the traffic, nor have made the crossing a safer option.  The pedestrian crossing proposal (attached) will include a change at the corner of Donora for better driver and pedestrian visibility, improvement of the water drainage at that intersection, adhere to the American Disabilities Act (ADA), signs to drivers "flying down" Memorial in both directions that there is a pedestrian crossing ahead, along with raised crosswalk.  The proposal has been approved by VDOT.  The GCA will be submitting a letter of interest to Lee District regarding this project. Thank you all for your time and effort over the years on this project.  Hopefully, the project can become a reality. Our GCA email is GCA22306@verizon.net 

Recent media attention on the Zika virus is increasing concerns about mosquitoes and the diseases they carry.  Mosquito season is now approaching.  http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/hd/westnile/ 

For more information, visit http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/figththebite, call 703-246-8931 or email to fightthebite@fairfaxcounty.gov.
Mosquito Dunks free to Lee District residents at Lee District Govt Center on Franconia Road.

Fairfax Water Authority Project:

1. There will be a project this spring to replace the water line between Donora to Groveton thru to Lee District Park.  Fairfax Water Authority will attend the April GCA meeting to speak on the subject.  SFDC will also be speaking at that meeting.
2. There is a website at www.fairfaxwater.org to find real-time updates on active water main breaks.
3. The Annual Water Flushing began March 7 and will continue thru June.

Code Compliance Presentation from LDACO January Presentation - PDF

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