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Tuesday Sep 17, many GCA and Memorial Heights residents, along with St. Louis Catholic Church members attended the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) meeting at Bryant School on Popkins Lane.  We left the meeting wondering HOW DID WE NOT KNOW ABOUT the proposed changes to POPKINS LANE AND COLLARD STREET or FORDSON ROAD?  We have been an active civic association regarding the progress of the BRT - but no information had been shared prior to the completion of the Conceptual Design.  The project team had just completed the Conceptual Design and identified these 2 intersections as the most impacted.  The GCA is working to have the BRT project team. Vanessa, the Project Manager and Rick the Acquisition Lead speak at our GCA Nov 11 meeting.  We are waiting for speaker confirmation.  Additionally, because the sound system was so bad at the Sep 17 meeting, they would like to have it again so that everyone can hear the information.  That schedule will be sent from BRT. According to St. Louis Catholic Church spokesman, they have rescheduled the meeting at the St Louis Catholic School on Thursday Oct 24 at 7:00 pm probably in the school gym.
PLEASE sign up at the Fairfax Co. BRT to stay aware of what is going on.  Go to the website:  https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/transportation/richmond-hwy-brt and the signup is at the bottom of the screen. 
Several residents on Collard Street, Spring Drive, Route 1 and Popkins Lane have received registered letters.  Mostly to allow the survey team from Precision Measurements Inc to come onto the property but in some cases, the letter may indicate the loss of their property for the widening of Route 1.   Many questions need to be answered pertaining to the loss of houses, front yards, what happens to the property after the houses are boarded up, will developers come in and create a new house on the property?
Below is from BRT  please note: the purple line is Limit Of Disturbance (LOD) or WORSE CASE SCENARIO, the black dotted line is disturbance line (most likely area of disturbance), The letter "F" stand for Fill only if lower area, the letter "C" stands for Cut only and the letters "FC" or "CF" stands for Fill and cut.
FCDOT held the third Public Information Meeting for the Richmond Highway BRT project on Tuesday, September 17. Items discussed: conceptual design of the system, potential property impacts, environmental and historic resources (including the Section 106 process), station design themes, and more.
Whether or not you were able to be there, we invite you to review the meeting materials and provide your input. On the website (or via the links below) you can access the following resources: 
Display boards
Roll plots showing the conceptual design: 
Map 1: Belvoir Road to north of Sacramento Drive
Map 2: South of Woodlawn Court to Roxbury Drive
Map 3: Central Avenue to north of Arlington Drive (includes Hybla Valley and Gum Springs)
Map 4: South of Camelia Drive to north of Fairview Drive  (includes Collard and Popkins)
Map 5: N Kings Hwy to Huntington Metro, and Richmond Hwy between N Kings Highway and Quander Rd

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