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Project: North Hill Type: Multifamily and townhomes Location: Beacon Hill
Developer: CHPPENN I, LLC (Joint venture between Community Housing Partners and Pennrose)
Status: Comprehensive plan amendment and zoning application filed, public hearing before the Planning Commission hearing scheduled for January 18, 2017  

Note: GCA Officers met with the representative from Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority, representatives for Pennrose Co. and a representative of the engineering consulting company on the North Hill Development.  The GCA was provided the below information:

The property was formerly Woodley-Nightingale trailer park.  There were 503 pad sites and a lot of debris remains on the site, which will be removed. 

North Hill Project will be developed and managed by Pennrose Co. https://pennrose.com/

The project is zoned PDH20 zoning area (PDH - Planned Development Housing):

1) Affordable housing based on income tiers for 279 rental apartment units with parking underground managed by Pennrose Co who will be onsite managers.  The apartments will be 4-stories and include recreational facilities.  (this is NOT Section 8 low income house rentals. Virginia Section 8 housing is one of the programs and initiatives run by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.)

2) Market Housing with 175 single family townhomes in attached units.  These townhomes will have 2-story living space with garage below.  The selling of the townhomes provides sale profit to allow the building of the rental apartments.  There will be 40 ft between the row of townhomes to provide a more open space feel and visual view of green space.

The North Hill Project will be built according to Earthcraft (www.Earthcraft.org) and Energy Star practices. Terraced retaining walls will be included due to the hilly composition of the property.

12 acres of the North Hill Project is under the Fairfax County Park Authority. They will remove invasive plants and non-native trees.  The park will be a nature park only.

To the south of the North Hill Project is Dart Drive that runs to the Woodley Hills trailer park.  The decision as to whether Dart Drive will connect to Arlington Drive (which is within the Mt Vernon Square Apts) or leave Arlington Drive as a cul-de-sac will be the decision of VDOT and FCDOT.

Since Dart Drive is a public road, parking would be allowed on both sides of Dart Drive.  The exit from the Shell Station to Dart Drive will change.

The North Hill Complex will be 92 1/2 feet from Route 1 after the "proposed" widening of Route 1 as identified by the EMBARK project.  There will be a Pedestrian Active Crosswalk to cross Route 1. Between the vehicle lanes of Route 1 and the 6 1/2 ft. bike path will be a row of trees.  There will also be a row of trees between the bike path and the sidewalk with grass between the sidewalk and the apartments.

NOTE: providing income tiered housing within the apartment rentals has been included as a proffer.  Therefore, the developer cannot change the number of townhomes vs apartments without changing the Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan and renegotiating the development project. 

Planning Commission/Public Hearing will be Jan 18.  The Board of Supv. meeting is Feb 14, 2017.

If approved, the developers may be able to break ground May 2018.

The below documents are accessed via a hyperlink and were provided from Pennrose representatives:

3-page PDF view of the North Hill Multi-Family Development Project: Page 1 is view thru the middle of the complex, Page 2 is view of apartments from Route 1 and Page 3 is from Dart Drive looking north into the apartment complex.

1-page PDF view is the conceptual layout of the Apartments and townhomes.

1-page PDF view of terraced retaining wall examples.  North Hill may have terracing like the 2nd pic across or the last pic at bottom.  However, no final decision will be made until development.


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